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A few of my favorite online tools for sign language interpreters:

Interpreting Blogs and News – This blog is a must-read for professional sign language interpreters.  The blog’s founder, Brandon Arthur, brings a much needed rigor to the dialogue of our profession.  I highly recommend all interpreters and interpreting students follow the conversation to get involved.

General Business Management –  A very handy expense tracking tool. Take pictures of your receipts, track mileage, send reports to your accountant or upload directly to QuickBooks. – Calculates hours in a Google calendar.  I use this to count how many hours I’m working.

Performance Interpreting – A very helpful lyrics translation site for interpreters working in performance setttings.  Click on a line that doesn’t make explicit sense and you can read translations and see visual imagery to help in your interpretation. – An excellent resource for preparing for and anticipating concert setlists.

General Interpreting Prep

The Interpreter’s Friend – An oldie, but a goodie.  This site was curated by the late David Bar-Tzur, and is a gold mine of resources.  Whatever you’re looking for, simply type it into the search bar and you’ll likely find it.